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For Your Custom Product Lines

Increase your brand value with our custom webbing & elastic tape made with super quality.

Versatile and productive Company

Our factory is located in Dongguan District, Guangdong Province, near the coastline, with several adjacent ports to support exports abroad. For the last 15 years, the products have been highly appreciated by consumers. Our primary focus is on textile products, and the factory is divided into different sections producing elastic tape, webbing, and Velcro. Each of these sections mainly focuses on their specialized and core textile products that make us even more productive, flexible, and dominant by creating a competitive environment among the employees. In Case of any custom order, we first complete samples within 7days and provide the client so that the client is fully satisfied, after the complete satisfaction and approval of the client, we move towards the mass production that mostly takes up to 15 days. We are successful in finishing the goods, receiving encouraging affirmations, and appreciation from our clients. We are dedicated to becoming the most trustworthy and reliable company

Hot Selling Products

As a manufacturer, we continue to create textile products that enrich your product lines and grow your markets. Our renowned design specialists specialize in design and engineering architecture for enhanced textile performance.

We offer you woven elastic with a variety of standard widths, sizes, and colors that matches your requirements perfectly. Moreover, Bolin webbing welcomes you for any custom design or size of your choice.

Bolin offers various webbings to satisfy your specific needs in a range of sizes, widths, and colors at affordable pricing according to your market.

The earloop for the face mask is our hot selling product with a huge demand. To fulfill the demanding need of the customers, our factory offers 5 tons per day to the market, having excellent quality with the diameter ranging from 3 to 5mm.

It is a famous fastener closure system consisting of a hook and loop; there are two nylon fabric strips that you combine both of them to make the velcro use in fastening bags, pockets, clothing, shoes, etc.

More Types Available !

Your Reliable Expert

  • Continue to launch new webbing and elastic tapes to dominate the fashion industry.
  •  Increase market pace by focusing on our fast sampling and mass production capacity .
  • Grow your brand value with our exclusive customized textile range .
  • The MOQ for the elastic tape only 300 meters.

textile expert factory Customizable From Thread To Finishing

Bolin webbing provides fully customized range of webbing,velcro and elastic tape to satisfy various market needs around the world

Eco-Friendly Thread

eco-friendly thread

Carefully chosen sustainable and eco-friendly threads which have been strictly tested by SGS, with a broad variety of color and specification to fulfill your needs.

Durable Rubber

Durable rubber

The supreme quality imported covered rubber would not only give outstanding elasticity but will also increase the productive duration of the product.

Particular Designing

particular designing

Our specialized and highly skilled experts will make your ideas and creativity into reality through our loyal and productive services. Just let us know about your desired product, and our team will quickly help you in producing your desired product.



The superior eco-friendly starching liquid can maintain the original color of textile products, and starching can make the elastic band and webbing more smooth and strong.



We offer the Custom package to meet your brand identity & attract customer’s attention by making the products according to your need, requirements, and characteristics.

We help you avoid the pitfalls to ship the superior quality and value your textile, on-time and on-budget.

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