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Make Your Customers Happy With The Woven Elastic, Start Using This Material While Manufacturing Footwear. 

We know you are successfully ruling the shoe manufacturing industry in your country. Making high-quality shoes with attractive colors, reasonable prices, everything is designed according to the market’s demand. But still, if you check the online review, you will get some disappointments; some are not happy with the flexibility, and some complaint about comfortness. Why don’t you try a new method to make your customer happy? No, you don’t need to lose your ongoing market; you can use this market, even enhancing your business 5x faster with 100% positive feedback. Sounds good, right? As you have already created a strong marketing field, the best part is that you don’t even need to do any marketing or advertising. This article will reveal a new chapter in the footwear industry where you can increase your brand value with our custom webbing and elastic tape made with super quality. Elastic Tape is Good. Then What’s The Issue With It? If you are dealing with the textile industry or the footwear industry, you are already aware that the products are divided into different categories like elastic tape, webbing and Velcro. But when you use a regular elastic band to manufacture your shoes, it is composed of 30% rubber and 70% polyester yarn. And 99% of factories choose this to manufacture their shoes. The advantage of using this regular elastic band is that it comes at a low cost, and manufacturers can launch a variety of colors in the market. And due to the reasonable

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