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Welcome to Bolin webbing! Your perfect choice for narrow fabric products. When it comes to narrow fabric products, there is always a gap in the market, filling that gap Bolin webbing started with the mission to provide the people with the top quality solution for their narrow fabric products. At Bolin webbing, we have a complete art in-house facility to produce narrow fabric products from scratch. Our factory is mainly divided into different sections. The first section focuses on providing the elastic tapes while the second one is producing webbings, and the third one is working on the processing of Velcro. All the products based on international standards and regulations with a daily production rate of up to 350000 meters. Bolin webbing specializes in producing a wide range of elastic tapes, webbings, and Velcro that are available in different widths and colors. Our senior technician has been engaging in textile products for more than 20 years with classy design experience for making elastic tapes and ribbons for some famous brands, such as Gucci, Zara, Staff, Hermes. Hence, Bolin webbing can surely be the best choice for your custom design options. We can quickly and exactly produce products that satisfy you. We now serve customers all over the globe and are thrilled to be a part of the fair trade wing of the narrow fabric industry.

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We value customer satisfaction more than anything else, and we are open to discussion as our specialized team not only clearly understand the properties and characteristics of various raw materials (like nylon, polyester, polypropylene, cotton, spandex, and so on) but also know the different uses of elastic bands and webbing in different industries. So we will provide you complete guidance from selecting the right material for your product to producing the finished product with your desired characteristics. Generally, Elastic tapes can be used in footwear, clothing, hats, and various outdoor equipment. At the initial conversation and discussion stage, we will carefully listen to your needs and the budget. Then our specialized team will give complete guidance on your design and requirements, and eventually, your customized products will be produced that are perfect in terms of design, quality, and standards.

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Superior Base Materials

superior base materials

The need for earth-friendly and sustainable materials is increasing, and as a result, the consumer demands for “eco” products are rising. Our products are made of environmentally-friendly threads and imported rubber from Thailand which assures that our elastic band has outstanding elasticity, durability, and sustainability

Customized Brand

customized brand

We value every order, and it doesn’t matter if the order is big or small, we appreciate your trust and own your order. Our professional designers and engineers will custom your products according to your budget and design to win your market and help you succeed.

Factory Supply

factory supply

We value our customers, and delivering the product on time is our priority as we have a complete in house facility and machines such as warping machines, computer jacquard machines, high-speed machines, and starching machines for various elastic bands, velcro, and webbing available. With this complete facility, we are sure to deliver you the products faster than other local suppliers.

Efficient Work

efficient work

We act quickly after receiving your requests and demands. Our Specialized consulting team will promptly confirm all the details with our technician and continuously communicate with all the teams to ensure that the production is going smooth .We will deliver you the products as soon as possible and make sure to have your samples completed within 7 days.

Reliable Quality

reliable quality

Our in house testing facility strictly and regularly checks every detail to ensure the superior quality of elastic band, velcro, and webbing to make sure that the final product is as per the international standards. We do not compromise on the quality and take this thing very serious but, In case, there is some defective webbing or elastic bands from our side then we will take strict action and replace all such products with new ones for absolutely free.

Competitive Price

competitive price

Producing high-quality products at a reasonable cost is what makes us different from the rest of the manufacturers and suppliers. As a manufacturer, we know that effective communication is the key to producing your desired product, so we communicate with you directly without a middleman to ensure that you will get a more competitive price.

our team

williams yu

Co-founder&elastic master

jack zhang

co-founder&Marketing manager

johnson ruan

co-founder&webbing master

anthony zhang

senior technician

danny deng


James He

chief Designer

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