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How to Choose the Best Riding Boots for You?

Benefits of Riding Boots

Riding boots have various benefits, but the most common benefit is protection. In addition, the boots provide the riders comfort while riding and help them control the horse. Following are some of the benefits of why one should wear riding boots.

  • They protect the riders from blisters. Therefore, it stands as the legal requirement for their protection.
  • The boots are designed to keep the riders safe as they can keep control over the horse while riding.
  • Most of the horse-riding boots are made of built-in waterproofing and various insulation levels that protect them from all weather conditions. In addition, it helps regulate the temperature, enabling control over the horse as the rider has better sensitivity.

Tips to Choose the Best Riding Boots

I would suggest the riders select the proper boots whether they are an amateur or an expert rider. Not all riders have the same budgets and needs for their horse riding. I am presenting you with six things to help you choose the best riding boots when buying your first pair.

  • Choose the Right-Fitted Boots: While choosing the best riding boots for wide feet, your sole focus should be durability and comfort. Choose the boot that fits as close to your skin as possible. But remember, it should not pinch the foot, calf, or ankle. Always rely on the accurate measurement of the widest part of your calf to get the most fitted boots.
  • Know the Right Type of Boots: Usually, speed riding boots are available in two types: The Tall Boots and the Paddock. It depends on the user which boots he/she is comfortable in. Besides, it may vary in the user’s need too. Test both types of shoes to check which type is most comfortable.

Paddock Boots are used for durability and comfort and are widely used by training or schooling riders. But, tall boots are used by the most experienced riders. However, it depends on the rider’s preference to choose tall boots.  

  • Know that Fashion Boots and Riding Boots are not Same: Fashion Boots offer style and do not function for riding purposes. Fashion boots are not durable and usually cannot endure the stress of riding. Though they look similar, they have vast differences, and they cannot withstand the rigorous movements that occur while riding. Therefore, going for the best quality riding boots over fashionable boots is a wise choice.
  • Know if you need a Zipper or Laces: Considering a zipper or laces on your riding depends on the rider. I consider boots with laces for beginners as they comfortably fit. But the boots with zippers must have the right materials and fit for you to be comfortable wearing them. If you select brown tall riding boots similar to one shown in image above, nothing matters much as it offers comfortability with the required features.
  • Choose Boots Made with Calf Leather: Thick and heavy materials do not mean they will be comfortable and durable. To select such boots, you might consider buying boots made with calf leather. I suggest using these boots for the child riders because they might outgrow their boots quickly.
  • Try All till You Find The One: Finding the right high quality riding boots is a trial and error method. Most riders have different pairs, and they use the comfortable one that benefits them. It is also true that as a rider improves their riding skills, their needs and preferences might change according to their abilities.     

What is The Use of Riding Boots?

  • Safety and Control: I suggest wearing the right equestrian equipment for riding. The riding boots are specially designed to keep the rider and the horse safe. In addition, riding boots also helps to maintain control over the horse. Therefore it stands as the most crucial equipment for horse riding.
  • Weather Condition: Riding throughout the years means involving oneself in all types of weather conditions that involve mud, rain, or freezing weather. Luckily, we have waterproof riding boots options in the market which come with their varying insulation levels. Wearing boots designed according to the weather conditions can help you keep your feet dry and regulate the temperature. This enables you to control the horse as you have better sensitivity.
  • Adjustable Grip: The horse riding boots are made to keep the flexible grip, keeping the stressful riding in view. The sole is an important aspect considering the riding boots. The boots are constructed with a roughly 1″ heel height, a pronounced and prominent heel that helps prevent you from slipping through the stirrup. The sole helps to make close contact with the stirrup, enabling you to have a good and adjustable grip required for riding.
  • Protection: The riding boots offer protection because nothing is worse than blisters. For suitable riding, boots are a legal requirement for riders of all disciplines for all safety reasons.

Whether you are a bike rider or a horse rider, it is necessary to look into the equipment essential to the riding. For example, if horse riding boots are for equestrians, motorcycle riding boots are crucial for bike riders. The way riding boots protects the horse riders, bike-riding boots protect the bike riders for similar safety reasons.

What’s the Difference Between a Riding Boot and a Regular Boot?

Riding boots are designed and created keeping the specific need in mind, whereas regular boots are made for everyday use or look. Regular boots provide less support and less cushioning and are very lightweight because they are made of thin materials for general use of comfortability. But the riding boots are made of leather, laces, and built-in waterproofing that allows the rider to be safe while riding. The heels for the boots are created keeping in mind the stressful journey considering all weather conditions. The regular boots are not made for horse riding.

The horseback riders must choose proper riding boots because it helps them protect from slipping their foot forward. If they slip forward, their ankle might get caught in the stirrup. And if the horse becomes spooked and takes off, the rider can be in a fetal condition. The worst scenario would be that if the rider falls off and their ankle gets caught, they might be dragged behind the horse. Therefore, only riding boots can protect these fatal cases more than regular boots.

You must be able to feel the stirrups while protecting yourself from the harsh elements while riding. While riding on rocky terrain, you need boots with thick soles specially designed to withstand wear and tear. But the regular boots would not protect you from all these harsh elements while riding and would not even endure the riding journey, making you feel unprotected. In addition, riding boots provide comfort while riding. You would not have chafing, general discomfort, or blisters using best quality riding boots.

Types of Riding Boots

If you are new to horse riding, the concept of different types of boots might be new to you. To know the right horse-riding boots for specific ridings, continue reading the listed boot types:

Field Boot: Field Boots reach almost to the knee. It features a lace-up closure at the front of the ankle. The lacing at the ankle offers the rider greater flexibility to the rider’s ankle. The added flexibility with field boots makes the rider comfortable while event jumping, hunting, show jumping, and general riding. In addition, the lace-up closure offers the rider extra comfort when they need to shorten their stirrups for the jumping position.

Dress Boot: Dress boots are tall boots without lacing. Most of the boots have a higher cut on the outside of the rider’s leg that extends outside the knee. These boots are seen on riders of all disciplines. Traditionally these boots are made of leather and found in black color. However, riders on tight budgets can purchase boots made of synthetic rubber. Dress boots are generally worn in horse shows because they are stylish.

Hunt Boot: Hunt boots are usually worn for hunting. The black, tan cuff, or brown leather at the top of the shaft differentiates it from the dress boots. Male riders wear these types of hunt boots.

Short Riding Boot: Short riding boots are inexpensive and are used by beginners, but these boots are an informal option. These short riding boots are handy when the riders cannot use the long riding boots.

Jodhpur Boots: Jodhpur boots are also known as Chelsea boots. These types of boots are short ankle boots that are easy to wear. The modern Jodhpur boots feature elastic insets to help the riders wear and take off quickly. Other variations feature buckles and zippers. Jodhpur boots are confused with paddock boots, for they are nice and short.

Paddock Boots: Paddock boots are short ankle boots usually worn by children while horse riding. The adults also wear it for everyday pleasure riding. In addition, paddock boots are suitable for saddle-seat style riding.

Western Riding Boots: These boots are also known as cowboy boots. They are different from the English Riding Boots as the heels are longer, shafts are shorter, and they fit loosely. These boots also accommodate spurs that are not used in English riding.


Are leather boots good for riding?

Leather boots specially made up of calf leather are suitable for riding. 


How high should riding boots be?

Look for a boot that can cover half the kneecap. The boot should rise only to the middle of the kneecap. It might be too tall for you if you see the kneecap that covers the whole kneecap.


Riding boots stand as the most crucial equipment for riders, whether they are experts or learners. Therefore, it is essential to choose the best quality riding boots. Bolin Webbing provides high-quality elastic for horse riding boots and motorcycle riding boots in India.

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