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Bolin Webbing Brings the Revolution in the Footwear Industry

People who love riding are still figuring out how to choose the proper riding boots. Mostly, the pro equestrians and bikers are frequently buying one new pair of shoes to get the comfort, fitness, safety, and flexibility in one pair of riding boots. But ALAS! they failed to find such boots, and why is that so?

Because most of the manufacturers in India are still following the traditional procedure and materials to produce footwear items, like riding boots, they are not able to make any solution for the professional riders.

In this equestrian world, or for the bikers, the most important thing is choosing the perfect and the best riding boots. During the joy ride, it plays a significant role in your customers’ safety and comfort zone.

These days the most prominent struggle motorcycle riders or horse riders face is with their shoes because they never find boots made with webbing, elastic tape, and that’s why they are not fully satisfied. But you can help them out. And to remove this issue from the root, Bolin comes with some innovative and effective solutions.

Bolin webbing is a popular name in the shoe industry as a professional and a leading manufacturer of custom webbing, elastic, and velcro.

If you are launching a new startup or working successfully in the footwear industry in India, you can adapt these materials to bring revolutionary changes to your country.

As an entrepreneur or a factory owner, you can use materials like webbing, elastic tape to produce high-quality riding boots.

Why Should You Use a Material like Webbing for Manufacturing Riding Boots?

If you compare your current production with Europe or the British standard, you will notice the quality difference. So, why don’t you project the best one to your fellow citizens?

If you analyze the Indian market deeply, you notice that fashionable riding boots are not recommended for riders. But here, webbing, elastic tape is the showstopper because they are beautiful, cost-effective, and fashionable.

Webbing is a strong fabric that can be easily used in various industries, including footwear and numerous commercial purposes.  Some common materials are polypropylene webbing, nylon webbing, Commercial polyester, and industrial webbing.

Advantages of Using Webbing Materials for Riding Boots

Webbing or elastic tape is the base material used to manufacture footwear, soles, and laces. It has numerous benefits, like –

  • It’s beautiful, highly resistant, and bright in color.
  • High strength and strong durability, lightweight, and less expensive.
  • Comfortable, flexible, and stretchable.

You can Make A Signature Move With Elastic Tape Component For Making Riding Boots.

There are many choices when the time comes to pick up the perfect riding boots, including styles, different types of materials, etc. But due to the lack of high-tech knowledge, most popular brands can lose their markets if you take this revolutionary move. Don’t you get the point?

There are many demandable and high-tech shoe manufacturers in India, but none of them can put all the features in one pair. Some boot brands are suitable for jumping, some are good for riding, some riding boots are waterproof, some provide durability, and some don’t bother about all innovation and upgradation.

But with the components like elastic tape, webbing, you can compact all the features in one pair and snatch the market to make your stage.

Customers are now considering the main five things when choosing a pair of good-quality boots. Take these notes seriously to have an excellent footwear market.

  • Material – You can get various materials like synthetic fabrics, eco-friendly polyester webbing, fancy braided elastic band, leather, rubber, etc. Considering the current weather conditions where you are living now or going to ride, you can pick water-resistant, waterproof, breathable, or insulated boots. 
  • Safety – Safety will be your priority while purchasing any riding equipment. For the pair of boots you are choosing, make sure it is specially designed for horseback or motorcycle riding so that it must have the necessary safety features. With components like elastic tape and velcro, you can offer flexible, durable, and safest riding boots.
  • Cost – Cost is a vital factor, and you should find out those types of pairs which don’t harm your pocket. Though there are some low-quality manufacturers, customers will always choose high-end quality, and they will never compromise with that. When they get all the necessary high-end features and materials, they will purchase that riding boots. And using these webbing materials, you can produce budget-friendly shoes.
  • Design – A few years ago, fashion and look didn’t go with riding boots. Still, if you use beautiful elastic tape and webbing materials, you can match the customers’ demand by producing fashionable and attractive riding boots.  Riders can purchase good-looking boots, having all the recommended features and comfort.
  • Discipline – With these elements, none of the riders or customers don’t need to think twice before picking any riding boots that match their riding style.

Types of Elastics and The Uses in Making of Riding Boots or Footwear Industry

Do you know riders always try to have more room in riding boots? Yes, they try to do so and to manage that, they wear a thick pair of shocks, sometimes two. As a footwear manufacturer, why don’t you solve this problem with the elements like elastics?

There are three types of elastics, i.e., knitted, woven, and braided.

  • Knitted Elastic – It is softer than woven and braided elastics and maintains the width when stretched. But it is not durable as long as the woven elastic.
  • Woven Elastic –  Perfect for hight standard boots. Then it is widely used in slippers, sandals and riding boots .

Let’s Check Out How Many Types of Riding Boots are There?

6 types of riding boots are there per your riding style, field, and climate condition; you can choose accordingly.

  • Yard Boots – If you are looking for everyday wear, go with the yard boots. These waterproof riding boots are perfect for stable duties and can be used for horse and bike riding.
  • Field Boots are the favorite boots of all the expert equestrians who love to perform jumping, cross-country, or hunting. Field boots are manufactured with lower lace fastening that helps you have a breathable walk and a firm grip for each ride.
  • Dress Boots – If you look for a polished appearance, you can choose this. These types of boots are the first preference of the riders who like to go to several competitions. Dress boots are also traditional-style boots that offer an elegant and sleek look.
  • Paddock Boots – These short-length boots are specially designed for juniors riders, and the paddock is a more popular choice among them than the adult competitors.
  • Jodhpur Boots – These types of boots are also for junior competitors. These are the short-length boots for beginners and riders too.
  • Western Riding Boots – Do you want a cowboy look? Western riding boots are cowboy boots, like long brown leather riding boots. The heel of the boots is generally a bit higher than the English riding boots. Even these types of boots fit more loosely and give supreme comfort.

How to Clean Your Favorite Riding Boots?

It is essential to invest in the correct type of boots; otherwise, it can be expensive, but costly boots last longer if you maintain them properly.

Do you know how to take care of your riding boots regularly? Well, you don’t need to work too hard to do so. Synthetic boots can be washed out with plain water or a mild detergent.

But leather riding boots require daily care and maintenance; only suitable leather products are used to clean and condition the pair.

If you are not going to use it, store all the riding boots in a dry and cool place, far away from the direct sunlight. Long boots must be kept standing up straight.


Good boots are inseparable from high-quality elastic tape. If you are looking for a factory that can customize elastic bands for you, Bolin is a good choice for you. We have 50 machines that can make 550mm width, and customize a variety of patterns and thickness.

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