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Make Your Customers Happy With The Woven Elastic, Start Using This Material While Manufacturing Footwear. 

We know you are successfully ruling the shoe manufacturing industry in your country. Making high-quality shoes with attractive colors, reasonable prices, everything is designed according to the market’s demand. But still, if you check the online review, you will get some disappointments; some are not happy with the flexibility, and some complaint about comfortness. Why don’t you try a new method to make your customer happy? No, you don’t need to lose your ongoing market; you can use this market, even enhancing your business 5x faster with 100% positive feedback. Sounds good, right? As you have already created a strong marketing field, the best part is that you don’t even need to do any marketing or advertising. This article will reveal a new chapter in the footwear industry where you can increase your brand value with our custom webbing and elastic tape made with super quality. Elastic Tape is Good. Then What’s The Issue With It? If you are dealing with the textile industry or the footwear industry, you are already aware that the products are divided into different categories like elastic tape, webbing and Velcro. But when you use a regular elastic band to manufacture your shoes, it is composed of 30% rubber and 70% polyester yarn. And 99% of factories choose this to manufacture their shoes. The advantage of using this regular elastic band is that it comes at a low cost, and manufacturers can launch a variety of colors in the market. And due to the reasonable

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How to Choose the Best Riding Boots for You?

Benefits of Riding Boots Riding boots have various benefits, but the most common benefit is protection. In addition, the boots provide the riders comfort while riding and help them control the horse. Following are some of the benefits of why one should wear riding boots. They protect the riders from blisters. Therefore, it stands as the legal requirement for their protection. The boots are designed to keep the riders safe as they can keep control over the horse while riding. Most of the horse-riding boots are made of built-in waterproofing and various insulation levels that protect them from all weather conditions. In addition, it helps regulate the temperature, enabling control over the horse as the rider has better sensitivity. Tips to Choose the Best Riding Boots I would suggest the riders select the proper boots whether they are an amateur or an expert rider. Not all riders have the same budgets and needs for their horse riding. I am presenting you with six things to help you choose the best riding boots when buying your first pair. Choose the Right-Fitted Boots: While choosing the best riding boots for wide feet, your sole focus should be durability and comfort. Choose the boot that fits as close to your skin as possible. But remember, it should not pinch the foot, calf, or ankle. Always rely on the accurate measurement of the widest part of your calf to get the most fitted boots. Know the Right Type of Boots: Usually, speed riding boots are available in two types:

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Bolin Webbing Brings the Revolution in the Footwear Industry

People who love riding are still figuring out how to choose the proper riding boots. Mostly, the pro equestrians and bikers are frequently buying one new pair of shoes to get the comfort, fitness, safety, and flexibility in one pair of riding boots. But ALAS! they failed to find such boots, and why is that so? Because most of the manufacturers in India are still following the traditional procedure and materials to produce footwear items, like riding boots, they are not able to make any solution for the professional riders. In this equestrian world, or for the bikers, the most important thing is choosing the perfect and the best riding boots. During the joy ride, it plays a significant role in your customers’ safety and comfort zone. These days the most prominent struggle motorcycle riders or horse riders face is with their shoes because they never find boots made with webbing, elastic tape, and that’s why they are not fully satisfied. But you can help them out. And to remove this issue from the root, Bolin comes with some innovative and effective solutions. Bolin webbing is a popular name in the shoe industry as a professional and a leading manufacturer of custom webbing, elastic, and velcro. If you are launching a new startup or working successfully in the footwear industry in India, you can adapt these materials to bring revolutionary changes to your country. As an entrepreneur or a factory owner, you can use materials like webbing, elastic tape to

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Factory Supply Elastic Band For Boots

ELASTIC BAND FOR LONG BOOTS Our factory supplying the narrow textile products like ,elastic band ,webbing and velcro to trading companies & factories .you know that picking up a reliable manufacturer offering you a superior products with competitive price is critical factor to expand the market and get more profits.what is more ,the professional manufacturers will save you tons of time because they are sophisticated in standards of the products It is reported that more than 60% purchasers working with trading company paying a high service cost but receiving the not right products . We BOLIN webbing manufacturer only focus on the elastic band ,webbing and velcro and have helped many companies became the top sellers in his market and helped them raise up more than 15% profits . Now today i am gonna talking one of our products elastic band for shoes ,there are type designs, various materials and different colors ,like cashmere elastic, honeycomb elastic ,double weft elastic, glitter elastic, small square shape, ribbed elastic and plain elastic tape. ,i will be picking up one item from these elastic band to explain to you from three aspects , helping you screen the manufacturers and getting the right cooperator who can deliver you the ideal elastic band with good margin of course I will not talk about the exterior ,such as the design ,pattern ,you can tell it by yourself.Like the iceberg which is obviously to be seen above the water, but under the water there are many secrets

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Super-Wide Elastic Band

How to avoid the lines exist on the elastic band?

Why some lines occur among the elastic tape and webbing?The woven elastic band when it is used for long boots, it would be visible and damage the value of the brand, if there were some line on itso how to avoid this kind of problem?Firstly, that problem probably comes from the thread when the dyeing factory sends us unstable color. It is not easy to discover before it is created to the textile product .because the color is exactly similar. So we have to pick up the stable yarn factory to establish long term cooperation.Second, the lines may happen during the process of making the textile, when the roller is too sharp and not smooth enough it will leave some lines or marks on the products;Third, the line occurs. Maybe the yarns get the non-uniform stress of the beam, which will make some threads loose so the textile will appear lines.Finally, during the production, the inspectors have to keep the all yarn running if there is a thread that has snapped, but our people ignored it, then it will leave the lines on the textile.Our product is not just a webbing but a band to connect with you, we are your textile expert in offering you excellent product to meet your standard and suit your market.

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