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Factory Supply Elastic Band For Boots


Our factory supplying the narrow textile products like ,elastic band ,webbing and velcro to trading companies & factories .you know that picking up a reliable manufacturer offering you a superior products with competitive price is critical factor to expand the market and get more profits.what is more ,the professional manufacturers will save you tons of time because they are sophisticated in standards of the products

It is reported that more than 60% purchasers working with trading company paying a high service cost but receiving the not right products . We BOLIN webbing manufacturer only focus on the elastic band ,webbing and velcro and have helped many companies became the top sellers in his market and helped them raise up more than 15% profits .

Now today i am gonna talking one of our products elastic band for shoes ,there are type designs, various materials and different colors ,like cashmere elastic, honeycomb elastic ,double weft elastic, glitter elastic, small square shape, ribbed elastic and plain elastic tape.

,i will be picking up one item from these elastic band to explain to you from three aspects , helping you screen the manufacturers and getting the right cooperator who can deliver you the ideal elastic band with good margin

of course I will not talk about the exterior ,such as the design ,pattern ,you can tell it by yourself.Like the iceberg which is obviously to be seen above the water, but under the water there are many secrets we cannot image.

Ok, let get down the straight ,the first one rubber

The elastic band is made of rubber and thread, you will never find out why some elastic band last a long time and why some elastic loose very soon unless you separate it .take a close look ,they are very similar ,the same color ,same thickness ,same width, maybe you will make the final decision to place the order by your feelings when both elastic band in front of you .but actually they are totally different ,one rubber is covered with some threads which will prolong the elastic band . but the other one is naked rubber that wont bring the elastic effect as good as the covered one.

Second one .The yarns

before i start it i am sharing with u a story happened on my friend’s factory ,he got an big brown woven elastic band order from a trading company .The company informed my friends to follow the original quality to make the mass production but the company did not mention that brown elastic will export to Europe and have to meet the Europe standards.

After order had been completed and ready to ship ,Europe customer asked for offering the test report .then the trading company cut a swatch to have it test ,unfortunately the elastic band failed in the test. The trading company and my friend tried to shift their responsiblities onto each other but to meet the customer’s standards , they decided to remake a new wave to replace it , affording around 16 000 USD each by the end !

Maybe more than 90% trading company and mid-man they do not know how the Chinese yarn factory works.The yarn factory will prepare hundreds and thousands color yarns and keep them in the stock ,sending his catalogues to the webbing and elastic factories .when the elastic factory get a order they will match the color from the yarn catalogue then place the available yarn ! but the problem is most of these yarn only meet the Chinese standards,!

when material should get through the Europe standards or your special test, we would better remind the maker and your emphasize your standards

The Starching

The last one but not the least ,i heard so many voice from the buyers “why elastic band is so soft ? ?why elastic band is so tough ?is that because the elastic band made of cheaper or inferior raw materials?”The answer is no !To keep the elastic band smooth and strength we have to make the elastic starch ,some customer want the elastic soft we will get light starch ,some customers need more strength we will get it heavy starch. By the way ,the starching mix with some chemical ,so do not forget to remind the maker what is your standards .

We will keep launching the new products and share the tips to help you lead your market ! Learn more our products kindly click the below website:

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