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Make Your Customers Happy With The Woven Elastic, Start Using This Material While Manufacturing Footwear. 

We know you are successfully ruling the shoe manufacturing industry in your country. Making high-quality shoes with attractive colors, reasonable prices, everything is designed according to the market’s demand.

But still, if you check the online review, you will get some disappointments; some are not happy with the flexibility, and some complaint about comfortness. Why don’t you try a new method to make your customer happy?

No, you don’t need to lose your ongoing market; you can use this market, even enhancing your business 5x faster with 100% positive feedback. Sounds good, right?

As you have already created a strong marketing field, the best part is that you don’t even need to do any marketing or advertising.

This article will reveal a new chapter in the footwear industry where you can increase your brand value with our custom webbing and elastic tape made with super quality.

Elastic Tape is Good. Then What’s The Issue With It?

If you are dealing with the textile industry or the footwear industry, you are already aware that the products are divided into different categories like elastic tape, webbing and Velcro. But when you use a regular elastic band to manufacture your shoes, it is composed of 30% rubber and 70% polyester yarn. And 99% of factories choose this to manufacture their shoes.

The advantage of using this regular elastic band is that it comes at a low cost, and manufacturers can launch a variety of colors in the market. And due to the reasonable price, it can get a massive scale in the market.

But there are some disadvantages too. Like –

  • The elastic tension is insufficient, especially on the edges of the elastic band, which are easy to bend.
  • Consumers give several negative feedback about this.
  • They don’t feel comfortable with the elastic, though at the beginning nothing can happen, it shows good stretching, but after some time, the shoes lose their original pulling. After wearing them a few times, you won’t be able to get the same vibes and comfort at the beginning.

These are the issues customers face, but the bad luck, none of the factories got that point. That’s why they are not getting why some local brands are rapidly losing their market. Not able to compete with the existing or giant brand.

Do You Want The Solution? Within 7 Days, We Will Provide You with The First Complete Sample

When you have a good sale, why are you allowing such faults in your business? This is because you are not getting the point and the exact issues.

As a reputed shoe manufacturer, you are producing other parts of the boots perfectly, like leather, outsole and sewing thread. Customers haven’t any issue with these things, even though they are still in good condition. But due to the low-quality material, your business is getting down. The whole pair of shoes are not getting good responses as you are making it without high-quality elastic straps.

Some brands have already recognized this issue and started using double weft elastic tape. This type of double weft elastic tape comes with two edges, and it not only looks more attractive and is 2.5 times more robust elastic than the ordinary or regular elastic tape.

Bolin Webbing has provided these products for 15 years, and consumers have highly appreciated these. If you want any custom orders, let us know your requirements and allow us only seven days. We will provide you with the sample within that time frame when you are delighted with the products and approve the contract. We will move to the mass products that will hardly take 15 days.

Check Out Our Hot Selling Products: That Can Make Your Customers Happy

We are not making any fake promises; as a manufacturer, we create high-quality textile products that enrich your product lines and grow your market. We have our in-house renowned design specialists and engineering architecture for enhanced textile performance.

Have a look at our products, to get some ideas.

Elastic Tape – You will find high-quality woven elastic with excellent standard width, sizes and attractive colors that perfectly match your requirements. If you need any custom designs, feel free to contact us. Bolin Webbing welcomes you for giving any suggestions.

Webbing Tape – You won’t be disappointed with our quality webbing; it can match your desired range of sizes, widths, and colors within a reasonable price range according to your market. You will get quality webbing tape and still can rule the market with a significant margin.

Earloop Elastic – If you are dealing with a face mask which is the fastest growing business these days, you can use this earloop elastic. This is our most popular and hot selling product with high demand. Bolin Webbing is shipping 5 tons per day to the market. Hope you get the idea about our supreme quality. It comes with a diameter ranging from 3 to 5mm.

Loop and Hook – It is a fastener closure system consisting of a loop and hook. Two types of nylon fabric strips combine to make the velcro product. It is used in fastening bags, pockets, clothing and Shoes.

We have more types available; let us know your desire or demand, and we will guide you accordingly.

Don’t Miss Out on These Important Factors to Make Quality Shoes.

Most factories miss out on these small but important factors. But Bolin is very organized and provides you with every necessary element to manufacture the quality brand of shoes.

Let’s start with –

Eco-Friendly Thread – We never compromise on quality; our threads are carefully chosen and eco-friendly, strictly tested by SGS and have a broad range of colors and specifications to fulfill your needs and requirements.

Durable Rubber – This excellent quality imported covered rubber would give outstanding elasticity and increase the productivity duration of the product.

Particular Designing – If you want to customize a product, you can share your ideas with us. Our in-house skilled and specialized experts will make your ideas come to life with our creativity. Let us know your thoughts, and our team will help you produce your desired products.

Finishing – Our eco-friendly starching liquid can maintain the original color of textile products, and starching can make the elastic band and webbing more smooth and robust.

Packaging – Like the custom design, we provide a custom package to meet your brand identity and attract customers with your brand’s signature. Let us know your needs, requirements, and characteristics. We will keep this in mind while packaging your products.

Contact Us for More Discussion

If you want to grow your brand, you are willing to show your customers a new taste and comfort. Include a small part of the business with these quality mentioned above products. Run both your existing and this new material simultaneously. You will notice the result on your own. It will hit the market so hard, and it will keep you away from your competitors. Whatever confusion or queries you have, please let us know without any hesitation. Our team will quickly respond to your message or call. It will be our pleasure to hear from you.

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