Double Weft Woven Elastic

Double weft elastic has two layers many clients request us woven one color at front and make another color at back side ,it has a good strength and brings a high attention.







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covered rubber

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Double Weft Woven Elastic

The flat elastic does not fulfill your needs most of the time, and in some applications where the greater strength is required, we have to look for some other elastic product, and that’s where the Woven elastic is perfect to meet all your requirements. Woven elastic has high strength and suitable to use for “heavy-duty” applications where greater strength is required. We sell woven elastic in quite a range of widths, shades, and stretch rates. Woven elastic is the elastic cadillac, and Bolin webbing is the # 1 dealer of woven elastic.

Bolin webbing offers you a wide range of standard width and sizes of woven elastic that would perfectly match with your requirements. Furthermore, if you need a customized size of woven elastic, then contact us and our expert team will help you in selecting a suitable size for your specific application. They are various options available for you such as width, material, and color option, as well as stretch rating and you, can choose the woven elastic of your choice that would be perfect for you.

Because of the very nature of its structure, the wove elastic is a strong-strength material that stretches and shifts with regular use, but when extended, it will not become thin.

For double the amount of elastic content, where stretch is necessary, the woven elastic is by far the best choice. The extra fiber, both the polyester and an elastic woven in cotton, often results in greater durability. Our woven elastic also meets a significant range of MIL-SPEC specifications.

Woven Elastic Applications

            · Shoes( especially for boots)

            · Vehicle covers

            · Home decoration

           · General Strapping

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