Ear Loop For Face Mask

Choose your reliable manufacturer to get the ideal ear-loop for the KN95 face mask, N95 face mask, disposable face masks, etc. The diameter from 2.5mm to 5mm are all available.







Base Material

nylon and spandex

Brand Product


Ear Loop For Face Mask

Face masks are frequently used in hospitals by the doctors and paramedical staff, but nowadays, it has become a necessity due to Covid-19. Everyone must use a face mask when he goes outside, sitting in the office, or traveling in public transport, etc. Ear loops are an essential part of a face mask to hold it on your face. A mask can’t stay on your face without it. So, isn’t it vital to consider which ear loop you should use? Obviously, there are many options available in the market, but the ear loops manufactured by ‘Bolin Webbing” are the best among a lot of the same products.

Bolin Webbing’s ear loops stand out in the market due to many useful and effective features.Our ear loop is made up of spandex and nylon, which is not only very soft but also so comfortable to use. It is perfect for those people who work in a hospital or a factory where wearing a face mask is mandatory. Many other materials can be used to make an ear loop like polyester, but it is not as smooth as spandex and nylon.It is a durable and long-lasting ear loop due to spandex and nylon. It’s not like that you wore it once and it damaged. You can use it many times due to its robust and durable material without any reluctance.

It is a very flexible ear loop, so you can pull and adjust it according to your requirements. Comfortable to use If you wear a face mask and its ear loops are not comfortable, then it’s continuous torture. If it is too loose to cover your face and nose correctly, then it is of no use. When it is so strong and firm, then it becomes a cause of pain for your ear, but the ear loops manufactured by Bolin Webbing are so comfortable in this regard.

These features will undoubtedly drive you to buy these snuggly ear loops. So, what are you waiting for? So order now to get yours.

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