Eco-Friendly Knitted Elastic Band

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Eco-Friendly Knitted Elastic Band

Knitted elastics are smooth, durable, and suitable for a variety of stitching purposes. When stretched, they do not narrow, and their characteristics are unaffected when stitched and have no needle piercing effect. There are many uses of knitted elastic such as waistbands, sportswear, ties, suspenders, gloves, sweat caps, and sometimes even horse blankets. It is both; machine washable and dryable.
Knitted elastic has been created by kneading together the fibers. Knitted elastic appears to be smoother than braided or weaved elastic, and when extended, it maintains its width. When selecting the right kind of flat elastic, it can be frustrating. Knitted elastic fabric won’t narrow when thinned because it doesn’t have much rubber but rather a fiber as braided elastic or woven elastic in the item. That also adds to knitted elastic’s price-effectiveness.
For all accessible flat elastics, the fastest knitted elastic could be manufactured, which translates into the shortest lead times for large amounts productions. Owing to its mass use in the clothing and accessories industry and the most commonly known knitted elastic colors are the medical fields (needing latex-free elastic), green elastic, optical green elastic, black elastic, and beige elastic. Most of our bulk knitted elastic comes either in the form of elastic polyester or as an elastic polyester/nylon blend, which makes it the cheapest and the finest.
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Knitted Elastic band in a wide applications

  • long boots
  • underwear
  • pants,
  • DIY projects .


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