Eco-Friendly Polyester Webbing

Factory supply the polyester webbing with higher Ultraviolet resistance than the nylon but less cost, so it is used in a wide range of the outdoor equipments.


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Eco-Friendly Polyester Webbing

Polyester is a flexible fiber and a variety of applications in polyester webbings. Its strength makes it very well adapted for technological products such as safety belts, braces, and lashing, but also consumer items such as bags (shoulder braces), athletic goods, and pet items. Outdoor items like those of shelters, boats, life jackets, and plastic sheeting requiring sturdy belts or ribbons that can withstand water and sun exposure without degrading properties are suitable uses for webbing with narrow Polyester.
Bolin Webbing is the # 1 provider for your polyester webbing. To suit any need, we offer sturdy, high-quality polyester webbing straps in widths, thicknesses, and colors.
Polyester webbing is suitable for applications, such as fall restraint harnesses, where little or no stretch is desired. Webbing straps with Polyester even give a high toughness ratio, while our custom made P 5000 polyester webbing has a tensile strength of 20,000 lbs. The flat webbing composite material is impervious to mildew, corrosion, and abrasion. Webbing with Polyester has low shrinkage characteristics and extreme temperatures threshold.
The sublimation process could take an additional three days over a week to complete your order, and the color of the webbing can vary from one coloring lot to another coloring lot. Our sublimated webbing in Polyester is all colorfast so that this stuff won’t spill. It works well outdoors, surrounding water, and is solid enough. The color of the webbing can vary from color to dye lot.

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