Eco-Friendly Polypro Webbing

When you are sourcing the factory which is supplying the Polypro webbing that usually used for the collars, straps, bag handles, cargo fastens, contact us and get the solution.







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polypropylene thread

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Eco-Friendly Polypro Webbing

Bolin webbing is your # 1 wholesale source for purchasing polypropylene webbing. We store polypro webbing to match your particular needs in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and colors.
Polypro webbing is soft to the touch, simple to wash, Versatile and lightweight, but durable enough to be used to meet the requirements of your lightweight applications!. Polypropylene straps used in numerous items involving dog leashes and collars, travel, related to health items, sports goods, tote bags, among many others. Polypropylene webbings repel wind, are resistant to mildew, and are weak in the stretch. Resistant to stretching, so it maintains its shape. The liquid-proof rating makes it valuable for water- and humidity-exposed activities. It doesn’t contain water that ensures it floats. Highly acid-, alkaline-, oil- and grease-resistant than the nylon webbing.
We sell standardized woven polypropylene webbing in various widths in heavy, lightweight, and super lightweight. This webbing is suitable for commercial and multithreaded applications where the light-duty webbing is needed. Polypropylene webbing is accessible in all widths and colors. Created to be used in tarps and coverings, this material is now used anywhere reinforcing or trimming is necessary. Slit-film polypropylene knits faster embrace better rivets, is more resistant to abrasion, and has greater UV opposition than normal polypropylene webbing. To see how poly webbing matches up to other alternatives, like nylon webbing and others, kindly contact us!

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