Fancy Braided Elastic Band

Your reliable braided factory supply you the braided elastic band for the belt, which is excellent stretchy and breathable.







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naked rubber

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Fancy Braided Elastic Band

 There is a saying that somehow the essence has been in the details; therefore, we adopt an approach that garments created responsibly make a better life. Our braided elastic band is used for products that need narrow widths to produce higher quality material. The braided elastic band consists of high strength latex rubber with fiber covering. Anyhow, all braided elastic band works the same; when extended, it becomes thinner, but still settles down to original size. 

Our braided elastic materials’ strength and durability give them greater stability than the knitted elastic alternatives, and Braided elastic offers resistance to shrink and saltwater. The added strength is the result of the manufacturing process in which the rubber and fiber are braided so tightly that even at full stretch, the elastic will remain opaque. Special elastic braided cold weather is available if needed. 

The elastic braided has parallel ribs which run the elastic length. This form of elastic is thinner when it stretches and loses stretch when sewn with needles or pierced with them. Braided elastic is ideal for use in casements such as waistlines or necklines for these reasons. 

Braid Elastic Applications 

  •  Tool bags 
  • Swimsuits 
  •  Belt

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