Fancy Jacquard Elastic Band

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Fancy Jacquard Elastic Band

 Jacquard Elastic is well known for its excellent tear resistance and elasticity. Their durability and skin-friendly nature raise their need for various clothing applications. Waistbands, waist belts are mostly made with Woven Jacquard elastics. The elastic we will customize to match your company logo. We used Nylon and Spandex to provide you with comfortable, multi-functional, and attractive elastic. 

These kinds of elastics are manufactured using raw material of high and fine quality and can be easily custom-made according to the customers’ needs. Narrow Fabrics include various types of elastics that our customers demand to sell in customization. 

Jacquard elastic is a lightweight, expandable fabric that is often applied to clothing. Jacquard elastic is made of a set of rubber threads wrapped in secondary fiber, such as cotton, polyester, nylon, or a combination of all those materials. 

To satisfy our customer’s needs, we have produced a vast range of creative products. Our design team is on hand to create throughout from the scratch to custom designs. To make your product stand the competition and prominent, customized branding & branding capabilities are available. 

Jacquard Elastic is well known for its outstanding elasticity and stretching. Their skin-friendly design raises its market for applications in the manufacture of garments. It is well recognized with their resistant disposition to tears. Learn more about the jacquard elastic kindly contact us today!

Jacquard elastic band application.

  • apparel
  • underwear
  • DIY projects
  • pants
  • swimwear

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