High Adhesive Nylon Velcro

We offer three different qualities Velcro; the first one is nylon velcro which is made of 100% nylon, bringing a strong adhesive and long-lasting;the second one is made of 40%nylon and 60% polyester which is available from 20mm -110mm with 280 different colors; the third one consists of polyester which translates the very good price.







Base Material



25 yards

High Adhesive Nylon Velcro

Bolin provides high-quality Velcro to meet your hook and loop fasteners’ needs. It is a famous fastener closure system consisting of Hook and loop; there are two fabric strips that you combine together to make it use in fastening bags and pockets. Various names of hook and loop systems available in the market are Hook and loop closures touch fasteners or hook and pile fasteners. The soft side is a loop, and its harder side is called Hook. When upon pressing, provide the closure mechanism. There are different Hook and loop combinations according to your requirements, such as single-component and self-engaging systems. Velcro doesn’t require any sewing, ironing, or gluing, so you just cut the Velcro according to your desired size, remove the protective backing, and press to instantly activate strong fastening. Just like all other Bolin products, Velcro also available in various colors, sizes, and widths to fulfill your needs and requirements.

Key features

  • Fine for smooth surfaces
  •  Durable and secure hold
  • Flexible and water-resistant
  • Work on all kind of surfaces Application
  •  Decorate lockers and hang items
  •  In place of zippers, buttons.
  •  Fasten items to folders desks and folders, stick name tags to the back of the chair
  • Stick markers and whiteboard erasers to the board
  • Ideal for indoor applications for glass, walls, tile, plastic, wood, and metal, so the possibilities are endless

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