High-Strength Elastic Cord

We supply cord elastic to you without the middleman. Our elastic cord consists of polyester thread fabric and naked rubber, high elasticity, and excellent durability.





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naked rubber

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High-Strength Elastic Cord

Elastic cord is an elasticated rope that is extremely flexible. It is low in diameter, making it suitable to be used in interior craft and for medium-duty strapping. Using this elastic cord for sewing purposes, scrapbooking, and crafts for children. For the daily crafter or the highly thorough costume manufacturer, the elastic cord is a perfect choice. You cannot have much with seemingly infinite uses. Scrapbooking, making jewelry, wrapping presents, making cards, and designing costumes are just a few of the purposes you can do with it. This cord is abrasion resistant with the consistency of being made, mildew.
Bolin webbing is an elastic cord manufacturer for boots and apparel and products, we sell braided cords in a range of widths and stretching ratings, with colors and material choices to match your individual needs.
We sell nylon, polyester and polypro cords in a range of widths, shades and stretch rates, nylon cords are the preferred option for their soft feel in the apparel industry and are the alternative for eco-friendly uses, such as the face mask.
The polyester cord has the same high strength as the nylon cord but does not deliver as much stretching. This exhibits low absorption of moisture, is soak-proof, and can be kept almost indefinitely without any degradation. Polyester cord is among the cords with environmental resistance. We use polyester as shoelace daily. Polypropylene has been the least costly cord fiber we’re dealing with.
We’re extremely open to your requests, and we welcome your questions, so request a quote now for your desired chord elastic or contact Bolin webbing for further information regarding our remarkable products.

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